Also had to set my di back to dynamic turbo g. When you uninstall, the registry setting is modified to point your installation back to the standard MSgina. This appears to connect to the di faster than the D-Link 3. All machines could browse each other. Static Turbo worked with the 2.

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Most Active Forum Topics this week A recently installed program has disabled the Welcome screen and Fast User Switching. OK Went for it and installed the drivers and utility!!

All machines could browse each other. What might explain differences between the way the new driver supports various cards: Are we seeing the end of the road for the Windows NT kernel? One gripe I do have DrNic to jonazen Member Jul-2 7: Still no go – Linkmon starts right up, but doesn’t see my dwl-g But there may be things going on under the covers that we don’t know about.

Those of us with DWL-G’s appreciate it. Guess support for a is only in the IOS of the series. Even more diagnostic goodies. All-in-all it seems to be an excellent driver and superior network connection management utility. Af5002 I hover over the Windows network tray icon, it shows Speed mbps. I current have a mbps connection to the di, and tried copying a large compressed file from the laptop across the di to one of my wired pc’s.


Qualcomm Atheros AR5xxx (atheros)

No confusion with Japane language any more. Atheros probably doesn’t WANT to be in that business. FordTractor to jonazen Member Jul-1 7: Video doorbell without WiFi?

For anyone interested in the details: First thing that comes to mind is the Aegis protocol. Typically, software companies that want to tighten down security or provide a custom logon process replace MSgina. I simply uninstalled 3. Things do seem improved – I now get a vastly improved signal strength – don’t know how that happened!!!

Glad I am not the only one that ran into this. And yes, I know it would simpler ad5002 I just bought a cheap access point and connected it to the router.

A company called Valemount Networks publishes StarOS, a linux-based operating system designed to let you turn a pc into a sophisticated access point, including features such as multi-NIC support, and among other things, it supports use of Atgeros cards in the box.

The Driver shows up as follows: The Advanced Statistics screen also provides live detailed ar50002 about Frame transmission, success, errors, ACK and No ACK frames, etc, along with Receive stats including detailed counts of success and errors e. I’m downloading it now to give it a whirl on two laptops.


Atheros – WikiDevi

Doug – Static Turbo works fine with my dwl-g rev C2. When you uninstall, the registry setting is modified to point your installation back to the standard MSgina. If it doesn’t work – uninstall and put the D-Link 3.

Considering, though, that the 3. It zipped through at just about 30 mbps real world speed.