Every ball I hit ended up in the fairway. However things are a little more complicated if you’re looking at a set of irons. Any other shot seemed to make the XLS irritable. I love what I have seen so far and can’t wait until the start of this years golf season. I purchased my third Monster the other day and each one is awesome. Cleveland has even added a measure of protection against knockoffs. Also haven’t seen any real distance improvement.

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Sign in or Register with Golfalot. I’ve tried many but this actually works for me. Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved. Do you think I would benefit from the HiBore? Bit as i found it inconsistent i decided to stay with my TopFlite Gamer 3 wood of the tee.

Cleveland has even added a measure of protection against knockoffs. I have an XL Driver, Cleveland Monster XLS 9.

Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS Driver Review – Golfalot

And remember, this was not the XLS Draw. My swing closed the face even more, delofting the 9. Helpline As long as any other combination and more accurate hiore any monstet. I decided to change drivers because I get to much loft on the ball so I wanted a club with a lower angle, stiff shaft. Your name You must enter your name. Skip to main content.


My handicap for my leage went from 22 last year to 12 now!

I had not swung a club in 3 months and brought a few irons and this new driver. I play a draw and could not deal with this club at all.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review

I found that I simply cannot hit this driver unless intentionally trying to cut the ball. I am a 10 handicap and one of my biggest weaknesses is driver consistancy.

All the clubs come with Cleveland Eee Hibkre Grab headcovers as standard and these not only look great but are much easier to get on and off than many of the headcovers on the market today.

Out of 15 hit, all shots stayed in the short grass. The bigger sweet spot kept his ball straighter. I felt like my average distance was hurt by not being able to freely release the club for fear of the hook.

Cleveland HiBORE XLS Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

If you suffer with a slice like I do, this may be the club for you. I just got an XLS with the gold shaft today. The charcoal finish helps minimize any hibre to the senses that the size of the head and its shape might cause. However, if you like making an impact with performance you will find that the Clevland HiBore Monster XLS driver will certainly keep you on the straight and narrow.

I told my buddy that if I keep hitting them this well that I was going to buy it. In our tests we monsetr impressed by how easy it was to hit long, straight drives with the Monster and the high MOI design meant even off centre hits got airborne and stayed reasonably straight.


Cleveland HiBore Monster XLS Driver Review

When I started to hit the driver I knew I was swinging to hard and on an outside in swing path which should have been a cleceland.

I bought this club for my father because a client of mine told me that he started to hit the hibode about 20 yards farther and the sweet spot was larger than his Cobra driver. Would you say it is a huge improvement over the HiBore XL?

The club feels much lighter than my TM and that took a little getting used to. Well I am not a big hitter but when I took her out to the course I could not believe it straight down the middle and 30 yards further on average.

I like the Krank sound much better if I could keep it in play more often. I have a YS8 stiff but monnster wondering what the masses are using.