I have a geforce 4 mx 2. Have you actually tried it or not? See even though i get better frame rates in Quake 3, it seems like the movements are choppyer. Funny this gets posted today. Sadly, this did not help. Then click on the ‘Direct3D Settings’ tab and make sure that the ‘Enable fog table emulation’ box is ticked and the ‘Mipmap Detail Level’ is set on ‘Best image quality’. You can keep everything else enabled to the max as I discovered.

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Meaning i see a blank desktop with a wallpaper for minutes.

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Please can you tell me where to download new drivers? Its is not oly warcraft 3, but Metal gear solid 2: Many OpenGL kx and games work now: Also with no results.

Hey, don’t listen to what the other guy said, I have the GeForce 4mx se and I can run up to three monitors just fine. Comments soliciting business, relating to illegal activities jx containing slanderous or defamatory language will be removed. Strange thing is NFS3 works just fine as well as other newer games: I’ve checked PNY that’s who my card is made byand i’ve also checked Nvidia Find an older version from and install that.


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Don’t be worried, -just sad. If the jack is yellow, it’s probably a normal RCA video jack. This is apparent in the name of many of them.

Works lots better than those gforce chipsets, especially when I read this forum! Again, I know its not the resolution I play the games on, nor the texture detail that creates the problem, since I’ve spent weeks trying different settings and options in a vain ettempt to solve this ‘ere crisis. Enemy territory, a little different but similar Oh i forgot to mention, i have an eMachines the eMachine eMonsteri’ve been upgrading alot, currently it’s pretty good: I thought it was suppose to be the reverse Bartek on January 17, Most of the problems with graphics cards are caused by the motherboard chipset, power supply, stuttering soundcards, too many programs runnin, etc.

I’ve tried almost everything I could come across and nothing works.

Hope that it will work. Right click on the desktop and click properties, settings then advanced. Install win2k or winXP and then try complaining again.


Yes, most of them. I am having the same problem.

Hopefully this will of got it working, the mian problem I think is that there were reminence of old OpenGL Drivers on my PC that caused it to crash.

Once its done this, install the newly downloaded drivers and restart again.

nVIDIA GeForce4 MX driver download

You’re not an idiot Thanks keep up the good work! To answer some of my own questions My Windows 98 PC: Farras on November 26, Since the problem was the same under w98, I didn’t try the refreshRate fix yet.

Its cause the “tearing or rip” But the opcion Vertical synchronization in Open Gl tab in geforcd4 settings not work for some open gl games: I play half-life, counterstrike, and bunch 4440 others games.