Brand Post Data science: If you are browsing the Web and come across a site that has a lot of Flash ads, for example, it can take up half the CPU and things will slow down noticeably. After all, the small and light netbooks – as the name already indicates – were conceived for surfing and simple office applications. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: The subjectively perceived fast work speed, as known from the “bigger brothers”, was possible without difficulties.

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The touchpad is a little cramped, but the increased sensitivity makes up for this. But the MSI unfortunately doesn’t have webcam software installed. The 49 Wh battery supplies approx. Like a netbook, you can use it for basic Web browsing, office document creation, viewing photos, listening to music and watching videos.

It however represents the minimum battery life. The subjectively perceived fast work speed, as known from the “bigger brothers”, was possible toucbpad difficulties.

The MSI U looks and feels like a netbook, but its sharp screen and graphically capable processor push it more into the realm of an ultraportable laptop.

Not so with the new Wind: MSI grants a two year warranty as of purchase date for the netbook. It weighs close to 1. Thus, not only a bit of room between the heat-developing touvhpad bottom is created, but typing will be more convenient for the one or other user, as well.


Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted It’s enough to make things uncomfortable.

MSI Wind U270 netbook

Would you buy this? Until now, the user paid for the modest mobility with a few seconds of delay when for example an office application was opened. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible.

The appealing performance of netbooks has its price: Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Touchpas manufacturer site for details. Moreover, we noticed that the fan management adjusts well to the current load in the practical test.

The other two were only below that by a few minutes. This would be playable with gritted teeth, but it wouldn’t be fun for long. ttouchpad

TechRadar pro

However, it won’t be perceived as excessively hot with The hard disk also only reaches 33 degrees. Specifications, performance and battery life. This is to prevent users from replacing the RAM and hard disk on their own. Pretty scanty for today’s standards.

First impressions were bad as it scored a similarly low score in our benchmarking tests, and was thoroughly beaten by the Intel-powered machines. Products may not be available in all markets.


Using The Touchpad – Msi U User Manual [Page 68]

The lowest energy saving brightness was still suitable for working in dark rooms and the screen’s highest brightness setting was also sufficient in brightly illuminated rooms. A dark blue diamond pattern shimmers through it. MSI is going for it and scrapes the category border of netbooks and subnotebooks with the Wind U Thus, it’s possible to pleasantly work with the netbook on the lap even when executing performance-intensive applications. With 46 fps, the game is absolutely smoothly playable with the minimum image quality and resolution x Despite the compact frame, we still enjoyed using the isolation-style keyboard.

The modest pioneer of netbook CPUs, the Intel Atom, is now available as a dual core with integrated graphics chip, and the E installed here now wants to challenge it. You also get a webcam,