In general, CDMA belongs to two basic categories: Proceedings of the Leningrad Experimental Institute of Communication: One of the initial reasons for doing this was military applications including guidance and communication systems. CDMA can also effectively reject narrow-band interference. In a hard-hand-off situation, as the mobile telephone approaches a hand-off, signal strength may vary abruptly. The digipeaters use and modify the information in the frame’s address field to perform this function.

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This is different from hard hand-offs utilized in other cellular systems. Fundamentals of Mobile Data Networks. Retrieved mdem ” https: This is not true for asynchronous CDMA; rejection of unwanted signals is only partial.

Although it is possible to build AX. Synchronous CDMA exploits mathematical properties of orthogonality between vectors representing the data strings. In recent years, APRS has become a popular application.

This is not a limitation of AX. There is no strict limit to the number of users that can be supported in an asynchronous CDMA system, only a practical limit governed by the desired bit error probability since the SIR signal-to-interference ratio varies inversely with the number of users.

HDLC specifies the syntax, but not the semantics, of the variable-length address field of the frame.

Code-division multiple access

At the physical layer, AX. There are a fixed number of orthogonal codes, time slots or frequency bands that can be allocated for CDM, TDMA, and FDMA systems, which remain underutilized due to the bursty nature of telephony and packetized data transmissions.


This article is about a channel access method. In a bursty traffic environment like mobile telephony, the advantage afforded by asynchronous CDMA is that the performance bit error rate is allowed to fluctuate randomly, with an average value determined by the number cdna users times the percentage of utilization. CDMA is an example of multiple accesswhere several transmitters can send information simultaneously over a single communication channel.

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CDMA signals are also resistant to multipath fading. In this approach, instead of using one sequence per user as in conventional CDMA, the authors group a small number of users to share the same spreading sequence and enable group spreading and despreading operations.

Ax Cdma Usb Data Card Modem

By comparison, asynchronous CDMA transmitters simply send when they have something to say and go off the air when they don’t, keeping the same PN signature sequence as long as they are connected to the system. The following example demonstrates how each user’s signal can be encoded and decoded. This leads to a general requirement in any asynchronous CDMA system to approximately match the various signal power levels as seen at the receiver.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Each user in a CDMA system uses a different code to modulate their signal.


Ax Modem Cdma Acm

The technology of code-division multiple access channels has long been cmda. This is referred to as auto-correlation and is used to reject multi-path interference.

The digital modulation method is analogous to those used in simple radio transceivers. Small gadget transmitters do not need to know what is being transmitted. In CDMA a locally generated code runs at a much higher rate than the data to be transmitted.

In CDMA cellular, the base station uses a fast closed-loop power-control scheme to tightly control each mobile’s transmit power.

In a CDMA system, the same frequency can be used in every cell, because channelization is done using the pseudo-random codes.

Archived from the original on 11 March CDMA is analogous to the last example where people speaking the same language can understand each other, but other languages are perceived as noise and rejected.

Gold codes are an example of a PN suitable for this purpose, as there is low correlation between the codes. Thus there can be only one service per AX. CDMA is also resistant to jamming. Choosing the codes used to modulate the signal is very important in the performance of CDMA systems.