Page 2 of 2 Jump to page: DVD Error Correction 5. So, you mean this guy, ala42, makes it possible to update BenQ firmware to include write strategies for new media? Go for da Rather than uninstall Nero and risk having some remnants left over, I used system restore to reset the computer to the state that it was in before installing Nero.

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Also mys of burns and it stil is going strong after over a year of hardcore burning and scanning should not be any different and also my LHA1P is another story as I RMAd it after 2 months.

Now that I have one. Nero managed to burn the files but the disc is full of errors. The firmware I am using did not have much in the way of changes, just added more support for media.

The copy may have been cancelled or there may not be enough free space to complete the copy. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap. Or choose door No. More importantly, is it the best bang for bebq buck? DVD Error Correction 5.


These are the ones you should grab.

Thanks, got one arriving this week! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Write failure while accessing the media’ followed by either One or more files failed to copy correctly. I used Nero 6.

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The result of this was the DW Tech support helped me find the error code and told me that the drive needs a firmware upgrade or is broken. Thus far, Nero 7. I have used BenQ,and Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in 6155 community.

Free space is GB. Samsung’s Next Smartphone foray: BenQ drives, as far as I see them, are fine. How does he get the media specs to write a bemq write strategy? I am burning using the recommended speeds using QScan.

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You have given me some reading to do with that link … and I am not as sophisticated as you-all who frequent this area of cdf. Cyber Monday Newegg: DVD Writing Tests Apart from this, there are also writing quality improvements which we’ll be having a look at. I agree, either the or theI am very pleased with both.


If the drive works decently on the other machine with 6. The drive came with the latest firmware installed. I also picked up 16x Verbatim discs from The Source, hopefully they yield good burns.

With the competition announcing their LightScribe enabled DVD writers, BenQ went back to work, developing a drive with faster reading and writing speeds. You may use these tags: If this is true, then what if ala42 dies?