Here are the pertinent links: This will be a constantly updated post as new information becomes available. I might also take the other 21 card, if it’s still available. In order of highest quality to lowest quality: Check in your BIOS for a “memory parity error” or similar option and enable it. Some older DOS games that have stereo sounds and Sound Blaster Pro support will be unable to use these stereo features on the Sound Blaster 16 and later cards. Or perhaps, the company was named after their product.

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It seems there was a solution found to get some of the trident based VGA cards tc8920 in the ! On cards utilizing the Vibra chip, a faint ringing or hissing may be heard after digital audio stops playing.

This site hosts no abandonware. For a long time I have been saving these for projects, and I’ll never be able to use them all. When this bug occurs, notes will occasionally continue to play after they were supposed to nhq stopped playing.

However, some CT boards have CT printed on their model sticker. But ct8290 somehow the EMU was removed without any other provisions made for FM music – then it would ch8920 a totally crippled card, and I see no reason why anyone would release it.


Recent research on the Vogons forums led by user James-F has proven that the widespread “reverse stereo bug” is actually poor implementation by many software developers.

It shows some info about the modes it supports, as well as chipset information. DOS compatibility is printed at the box.

【CT8920-NBQ CRE】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Creative Labs propelled the home PC industry into a future where sound is seriously considered. Mitsumi CD-Rom connector Panasonic: Same chip as AWE64 Value: But if you don’t plan to use a Waveblaster header, these should be your first choice.

The high pitched ringing is bad enough that affected cards should have their Waveblaster capability considered useless.

Tried a whole bunch of different jumper configurations with no change whatsoever. The box doesn’t say it doesn’t play music in DOS like it should. But this card is almost nonfunctional in DOS so I don’t know why they would sell it?

The card became an immediate success and paved nnbq way for Creative’s dominance within the home PC sound card market. The CT is one such example: More data to come later. Or perhaps, the company was named after their product.

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Not first time when Creative not write real product number. Ina Canadian company called Ad Lib, Inc. Took every card out, just the VGA card in, still same.


In these cases, the base chipset is mostly cg8920. This means samples playing at a lower sample rate will have a lower filter.

I could not locate any cards that have CT printed on the board itself.

Under these conditions, high pitched ringing will play randomly:. It ft8920 listed as an AWE 64 on ebay which wasn’t true. The ones with the true OPL3 chip seem to be quite a bit more rare.

Socket for CT may or may not be installed Goldfinch: The below picture is not how Nba had it jumpered when I tested it, just took them all out for illustration. Sony CD-Rom connector Vol: I had J10 and J2 open, the rest shorted People seemed to say that all of J9 should be shorted I tried a bunch of different jumper configurations but certainly not all permutations https: Maybe its this revision -B that is just XT incompatible.