On the software side too, Windows and games are not much different. Let’s say you then make a game based on a particular controller with particular parameters. RULES This is a subreddit for quality discussion about gaming All discussion must be about gaming Blatant circle jerks, memes, and image links will be removed List posts will be removed Purchasing Advice and Suggestions what should I play next? You are very set in your stance, though, so I don’t know what else to tell you. Surely it’s better to have the analog sticks, the things you actually use, in convenient locations, instead of a D-pad you barely touch? My Rumblepad 2 suits me just fine. Be the first to write a review.

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Theres already 3rd party programs that do that, so xystems know it’s possible. The PS3 has sold, to this same date, Now, if we conjectured that there were only one controller sold for every single console, the would have 2. They probably have a deal worked out since said game is probably available over Windows Live to support the controller only. Finally, I also understand these super capitalist arguments of “Only appeal to the majority”.

If hes being a dick downvote him where hes a dick if hes being a dick just by being a dick, not bpogeyman having a different opinion then you do, since you seem upset he thinks an xbox is too much to set up, and similar remarks mostly subjective, which this subreddit promotes.

They don’t abuse anything. Any Condition Any Condition.

There’s very little incentive to cater to the group of people that buy off-brand controllers, and if you that it really would be trivial to implement features like this for a wide assortment of off-brand controllers then we will have to agree to disagree, and I am going to wash my hands of this argument. The controller has far better analog sticks, although their placement is slightly less than preferable, their triggers are far better, and I like the larger size.


Because these are the only controllers I’ve found that support xinput and arent 1st or 3rd systemd controllers. But they were buttons. YMMV for its effectiveness, depending on the game. Joyztick is the definitive way to play PSx games? I don’t remember the last game I played that you needed to use the D-pad for anything other than selecting weapons or josytick, I don’t get what’s wrong with it.

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Steering wheels are analog. RULES This is a subreddit for quality discussion about gaming All discussion must be about gaming Blatant circle jerks, memes, and image links will be removed List posts will be removed Purchasing Advice and Suggestions what should I play next? This argument is based on a false and illogical premise; That it is the duty of each developer to include a feature in their game that is easily available to anyone who cares to have it at little or no cost from outside vendors.

If you still demand support though, like I said, start writing your favorite developers. I do not understand why they can’t just make my 2 button on my gamepad function as a Spacebar or whatever.

I also brought it on a plane and was playing 2 player games with the DS3. Say what you will about gamepads in general but the ‘s is without a doubt the most comfortable and the only thing it lacks is a decent d-pad.

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About this product Product Information Mouse System’s all-in-one Bogeyman Joystick provides optimum performance joystickk compromising the must-have features that gamers want most. Windows and DirectX support the controller out of the box so the developers barley need to even do anything to support it.


Ps1, phat ps2, or phat ps3 i believe.

It is a detriment to some games though. Actually I prefer the Wii Classic to both, but not enough to go buy one. Apparently it was a pretty horrible library to use was not very well defined so a lot of developers chose to simply ignore it.

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Another, very, important thing to think about is that even all the other modern consoles manufacturers have decided to implement these in different ways. The more you pull the trigger, the more the electrical resistance of that trigger’s circuit changes, and it’s interpreted by the PCB on that controller for a particular value. So picture yourself spinning the thumb stick around and around as far as it will go against the plastic edge that thumbstick is in. Not to mention emulator plugin support for the is solid since it’s popular, and the fact that you can get friends to play old jogstick games with you on a controller familiar to them.

As a result of this only XInput controllers will work properly, old DI controllers will be speaking a foreign language as far as XInput is concerned. Guess we gotta wait for the Xbox flight stick to come out first. I found one mohse bloated software but didn’t get it to work.